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Hello and welcome here at Melia Travel Agent, your only stop for all requirements for your travels. If you’re organizing a trip for the family or a romantic getaway, or even a business trip we’ve got everything covered. Our extensive collection of hotels and other events all over the globe we will guarantee you the most affordable price on your hotel vacation.

What are the reasons to choose Melia Travel agent? Here are some motives:

  • Instant availability: With our online booking system, you are able to determine the availability of hotels, events and events in more than 100 countries within one click.
  • Immediate bookings: Say goodbye to the long wait times. Through Melia Travel Agent, you can make and make your reservation immediately.
  • Personalised Service: Forgot your password? Don’t worry. We offer a personalized login for every Melia Travel Agent members, which means you don’t have to fret about lost passwords.
  • FREE MeliaPro membership: As a Melia Travel Agent, you get access to MeliaPro the only platform exclusively designed to help travel professionals. Join now to enjoy the many benefits that MeliaPro offers.
  • Garantized Commissions: We value the hard work you put into it. When you work with Melia Travel Agent, you are guaranteed to earn commissions on every reservation that you make.

Don’t waste any time. Contact us today to reserve your dream vacation, or join us on the web to plan your next vacation by contacting Melia Travel Agent. We’re here to assist you all your journey!

Melia travel Agent where dreams are made into real.


Melia Travel Agent is proud to provide you with a personalized service online that’s guaranteed to satisfy your requirements. When you’re looking to book a getaway to yourself or for your group, our expert group of experts in travel can be reached at any time.

Through Melia Travel Agent, you are able to create an account, and log in to our platform that is user-friendly. Since we are a trusted company within the field of travel We ensure you can access the most extensive range of options and services at a single location.

Once you sign in and log in, you’ll discover a broad selection of services specifically designed for travel professionals. You can get immediate confirmations and the capability to book flights hotel rooms, conferences such as meetings and events across more than 40 countries around the world.

How Does It Work?

This is how our personalized online service operates:

  1. Join today for a no-cost Melia Travel Agent account.
  2. Log in to our secure platform using your username and password.
  3. Check out a range of venues, events and venues for meetings across the world.
  4. You can customize your search according to your requirements and preferences.
  5. Explore the details of your options, such as images, facilities, and reviews to assist you make an educated decision.
  6. Make your purchase for the lowest cost with immediate confirmation.
  7. Secure online payment that are flexible in terms of payment options.

Here at Melia Travel Agent, we recognize the significance of providing top-quality customer service to our highly valued travel agents. This is why we employ dedicated teams around all hours to help clients with any questions or assistance you might require.

Our personalized online service comes with the MeliaPro platform. It is where you will find special offers as well as earn commissions. You can also keep up-to-date with new updates and special promotions.

Do not wait any longer register for a totally free Melia Travel Agent account today and take advantage of the personal online service that lets you be in charge of planning your dream vacation.


Hello and welcome to Melia Travel Agent, your most reliable platform to book your most memorable holiday. Melia is an international company with hotels across more than 40 nations, Melia is committed to giving you the most affordable cost as well as the best service in all of your travel requirements. We offer much more than just hotel rooms!

In conjunction with Melia Travel Agent, you can also arrange personalized meetings as well as events that fall under Melia’s Melia brand. Our experienced team is ready to assist you in every detail, making sure you have a an effortless and unforgettable experience for both you and your guests. From small meetings for business to big conferences Melia offers the perfect location to accommodate your demands.

What sets Melia Travel Agent apart is the flexibility of our payment methods and immediate commissions. We recognize that controlling the flow of cash can be a challenge particularly with international travel bookings. We offer several payment options to meet your requirements.

How do you work it? When you book with Melia Travel Agent, you may choose to make payment upfront or later. There is also the option of paying in installments. This makes it simpler for you to control your budget. The best aspect? The instant commissions we offer mean you are paid when the reservation has been confirmed. Don’t have to wait months before you receive your hard-earned earnings.

Here at Melia We value our travel professionals and aim to make the job of a travel agent simple as it can be. We’ve made it easy for our clients with an account online that allows you to log in to MeliaPro, our travel agent-only portal. MeliaPro offers a variety of advantages like the lowest rate guaranteed, complimentary wireless internet at our hotels and the opportunity to redeem and earn MeliaRewards points on behalf of you or your customers.

Don’t waste time join MeliaPro today to begin reaping the advantages of flexible payment and immediate commissions. Our team of experts is ready to help you through each step of the way. If you’re having any concerns or require assistance, please contact us at any time or make use of our online chat feature. We’re always available to make sure your experience with Melia Travel Agent is exceptional.

If you want to make payments that are flexible or commissions on the spot and go with Melia Travel Agent. Register now and open up many possibilities for your business and clients!


Do you work as a travel agency trying to get access to the highest quality rates and solutions for your customers? Do not look further! Join Melia Pro and discover a variety of opportunities and benefits that can help you operate more effectively and give an exceptional experience for your clients.

How does Melia Pro work?

When you join and sign up, you’ll have instant access to a variety of tools and services which are sure to help you with your tasks. From the cheapest prices and availability to search engines to flexible and flexible payments as well as personalised promotions, Melia Pro has it everything.

The list isn’t complete! Melia Pro comes with an expert team who are ready to help you for any queries or concerns you have. When you require help for making a reservation, would like to find out more information about our venues and hotels or you’ve forgotten the password to your account, we’re there to help. Contact us or email us to us, and we’ll provide assistance you require.

Melia Pro is a great way to book events and hotels. Melia Pro, you can reserve hotels and special events across more than 40 countries comprising The United States, United Kingdom as well as many different international locations. Take advantage of the ease of booking online, and discover the Melia brand in person with the best service and facilities available.

However, there’s even more! Melia Pro also offers you an opportunity to earn commissions on behalf of you. Our booking tool is easy to use it is possible to track the amount you earn and see them rise with every successful reservation.

Do not miss this incredible chance! Join Melia Pro today and start getting the full benefits that Melia Pro offers. Welcome to the realm of Melia with the top offers, lowest costs and the best adaptable options are available to you.

Register with Melia Pro now and let us help you to make your client’s dreams become reality!



How can I make a reservation for an excursion through Melia travel Agent?

The best way to plan your trip is through Melia Travel Agent by following the complete guideline provided inside the publication. The guide will take you through the procedure in a step-by-step manner, making sure that you get the perfect holiday.

What is include the Melia Travel Agent offer include?

This Melia Travel Agent offer includes complete information on making your ideal getaway. It offers information regarding how to book your trip instantly, commissions on the spot, Melia brand hotels, customizable on-line service, 24/7 availability and the lowest cost that is guaranteed.

What can I do to get immediate commissions when I book through Melia Travel Agent?

Commissions can be earned instantly by booking with Melia Travel Agent by following their rules and giving them the essential details. The book provides you with all of the information regarding how you can benefit from this advantage.

What is MeliaPro Meetings & Events?

MeliaPro Meetings & Events is an event management service provided through Melia Hotels International specifically for making plans and organizing events and meetings. They offer a personalised online assistance in organizing your meetings or occasions at the hotels they have.


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